Using Drones in precision agriculture, We can collect and process data in real time to help farmers make the best decisions with regard to planting, fertilizing and harvesting crops.

​Drones dramatically change the way we think about film and photography, allowing for the capture of completely new perspectives.

​We can show the world from a perspective most people will never have the opportunity to witness. 

Reeder Flying Service


Without question, safety is our number-one priority.  We believe in being ambassadors of this emerging capability, and understand that its misuse could endanger public safety. We take industry-leading steps to minimize risk and are extremely proud of our perfect safety record.

All of Reeder Flying Service pilots have a remote pilot airman certificate with a Small Unmanned Aircraft System rating under rules from Part 107 and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Drones provide construction project managers, general contractors, superintendents and survey managers with aerial 

reports. Customers can better track construction progress, measure stockpiles, manage resources, reduce downtime, and help construction projects stay on schedule and budget.


Aerial surveys have become an integral part of environmental 

management, in large part replacing extensive field surveys. With current digital mapping capabilities, acquiring fast, accurate imagery is now not only essential, but also cost effective.

With breathtaking aerial views, aerial imagery gives urban planners or real estate professionals  

a clear overview of large areas of land, making road planning, real estate management and land use calculations quick and easy. 


Expanding on our decades of aviation experience, Reeder Flying Service is able to effectively utilize drone and data solutions for our customers needs and goals. Using our understanding and expertise in commercial aviation, the integration of drones into our fleet was a natural progression for the company.

Reeder Flying Service UAV / Drone solutions provide an unmatched combination of experience, technology, quality and speed – making us an ideal solution for forestry, agricultural, environmental management, urban planning, oil & gas pipelines and countless other applications.

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