644 airport loop Twin Falls ID 83301

Quick Turns Competitive Prices and 5 Star Rated Service

Unicom: 122.95

Tower 118.2
Ground 121.7
ASOS 135.02

24 Hour Callout Service

208.731.6441  208.539.4034


 AvFuel 100LL & Jet A Fuel                                   Experienced Trained Line Crew
 Hangar Space (Short & Long Term)                 Oxygen
 Pre Heat                                                                  Ground Power
 Type 1 De-Ice                                                         Type 4 Anti-Ice
 Lav Service                                                             Air Start

​ Jet Start                                                                   Military Contract Fuel

At Reeder Flying Service our line service technicians are the first pros you'll meet.  You  can expect a warm welcome, a big smile, and professionals with a passion to  serve you  above and beyond your expectations. 

 All Reeder line  service technicians are certified by the National Air Transportation    Association (NATA) Safety 1st in-depth training program.

Reeder Flying Service