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Showing the Progress

Reeder Flying service drones provide construction project managers, general contractors, superintendents and survey managers with aerial reports. Customers can better track construction progress, measure stockpiles, manage resources, reduce downtime, and help construction projects stay on schedule and budget.

Reeder Flying Service


Our drones are the best way for construction companies to collect aerial images, maps, 2D and 3D models, and other valuable aerial data

We can quickly survey your job site and build maps. Instead of using human resources, heavy machinery & expensive surveying tools, that produce complex data, you can get the job done in half the time & money, with greater accuracy.  The larger the construction site the more helpful our drones are in monitoring your project.

By rigorously monitoring your job sites you can identify the parts of the project that are going off-track,  monitor progress, work, safety standards and much more having the ability to prevent delays, which enables you to be much better prepared to remove any additions to project time and cost which can save you a lot of energy, time & money.